diabetic foot health

Diabetic Foot Health

It is crucial for diabetic patients to monitor their foot health. If the feet are not monitored on a regular basis the consequences can be disastrous. Up to 63% of all lower limb amputations are as a result of poorly monitored diabetes. However if your diabetes is well managed and you maintain your foot health you will reduce the risk of any complications dramatically. Here at Podi Footcare we are here to help, assist and prevent any potential diabetic problems.
We carry out annual or bi-annual diabetic foot health assessments depending on your level of diabetic control. This involves a series of neurological (nerves/senses) and vascular (blood flow) tests that gives us a picture of your overall foot health and the risk (if any) your feet are at.
We will also discuss the implications and complications of diabetes and your foot health in order to give you a better understanding of what your condition can do to your feet. We will give you comprehensive advice regarding your foot health going forward.
This assessment is normally included in a routine chiropody appointment where we will give the feet a thorough ‘tidy-up’ as well including nail cutting, hard skin reduction, corn removal etc.

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