Fungal Nails

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail and can cause many people to be embarrassed of their feet as it can cause yellowing and thickening of the nails. When fungal nail is left untreated it can cause pain for the patient and in very severe cases the pressure caused by thickened nails can cause the nail bed to break down and ulcerate. It is therefore very important to treat Onychomycosis.
At Podi Footcare we can provide information on all treatment options available for fungal nail. One of the most successful treatments for fungal nail is Lunula laser treatment. The Lunula Laser has an 89% response rate and is the first laser to be FDA approved to treat onychomycosis. Lunula safely treats fungal nail in as little as four 12-minute treatments that are pain free and require no down-time.

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Fungal Nail Prevention

As with many things ‘prevention is better than cure’ therefore your podiatrist at Podi Footcare will advise you on how to prevent re-infection during and following your Lunula treatments.

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As an alternative, your podiatrist can provide general maintenance and filing of the nails to improve their appearance in preparation for the patient to do their own at-home treatment with over-the-counter pharmacy preparations. We can advise you on which treatments would be best for the severity of the infection.