Following a full biomechanical assessment, your podiatrist may suggest that orthotics could aid you with the pain/injury you have presented with.
Orthotics are not specific to sports injuries. They can be used effectively to reduce areas of high pressure that could result in recurrent painful corns for example.
We offer a wide range of orthotics at Podi Footcare, each one caters for different injury problems, ages, budget and footwear. If you require orthotics your podiatrist will guide you through the various options available and make a suggestion as to which specific orthotic will suit your presenting condition.
At Podi Footcare we have a strict policy regarding the provision of orthotics. No orthotics will be given out ‘over-the-counter’ without a previous assessment. The implementation of orthotic devices can be painful and counterproductive if issued incorrectly and without a full assessment this would be irresponsible to do so.

Custom Made Orthotics

At Podi Footcare we can provide bespoke custom made orthotics. Following your assessment if orthotics are required a 2D scan will be taken of your feet. We will write a prescription and forward all of this information to our insole manufacturing partners who are based in the Netherlands – Leading Foot Technology (LFT). At LFT the team is made up of wide range of medical professionals who are experts in the manufacturing of orthotics. From here they will make your insoles based on our prescription and specifications and will return them to us in the clinic (usually within a week) and we will contact you to book you in for a fitting appointment. At this appointment we will fit the insoles to your shoes and ensure they are correct. Advice on wearing them in and on what to expect will be given and we will review with you in 6 weeks to ensure you are happy and that your pain/problem has been resolved.

Interested in custom made orthotics?

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