Verruca Treatment

A verruca is a wart that you get on the foot. They are very common and relatively harmless and can be mistaken for a corn. Sometimes verrucae can clear by themselves, however majority of the time a verruca will require some form of treatment. This is when your Podiatrist is essential – your podiatrist can provide you with multiple treatment programmes depending on the severity of the verrucae and on what they think is the best pathway for their patient.
At Podi Footcare we can provide many treatments – however by far our most effective and quickest treatment is Swift Microwave therapy. With an 85% chance of success, Swift is one of the most effective treatments for verrucae. Swift requires no ‘at-home’ intervention leaving you free to carry on with your normal everyday life.

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Podi Footcare’s Verruca Treatment

Podi Footcare utilises the state-of-the-art Swift verruca treatment solution.

Recent studies have revealed that 76% of patients saw a complete resolution after an average of three Swift verruca treatments.

After each verruca treatment patients report a significant reduction in pain.

How the Swift Verruca Treatment Works

Swift is a modern, patented verruca treatment which is licensed to podiatrists and dermatologist all over Ireland and the UK

The unique swift treatment method uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied directly to the affected area.

Patients should expect to feel a sharp sensation during the treatment. This sensation has been compared to a needle injection. However, unlike most other verruca treatments the pain quickly subsides.

After the treatment it is not uncommon for the affected area to feel sore but this pain is normally quite mild and shouldn’t prevent the patient from taking part in normal day to day activities.

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