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Podi Footcare

Podi Footcare is a professional private podiatry clinic that treats patients in our local community and beyond.
We operate from our custom built, state of the art Mayo based podiatry clinic.

Our team of highly qualified podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb conditions, common foot ailments and chronic medical conditions that affect the feet and lower limbs.

From our clinic, we also provide a range of general chiropody services, including the removal of hard skin, fungal nail treatments, etc. 

Our fully qualified podiatrists play a crucial role in the treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes, collapsed arches and back and hip pain.

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Podi Footcare

General Chiropody

Routine Chiropody including the trimming of nails and reduction of callus and corns.

Podi Footcare

Biomechanical Assessments

From our state of the art clinic, we can perform a full range of in-depth biomechanical assessments.

Podi Footcare

Fungal Nails

A fungal nail or onychomycosis is the most common type of nail infection affecting approximately 10% of the population.

Podi Footcare


Verrucas can cause the patient significant pain and increase the chance of infection. We offer a range of verruca treatment options.



After a biomechanical assessment, we may recommend orthotics. Our custom made orthotics can help relieve pain and/or assist in the healing process following an injury.

Podi Footcare

Diabetic Foot Health

Diabetes can cause significant lower limb health complications if not adequately managed. Podi Footcare are available to offer advice and treatment plans.



Bunions are a common foot alignment that affects a large percentage of the population. Our Mayo podiatry clinic offers a range of bunion pain management and bunion treatment options. For more information on bunions, please see our bunion page.

Podi Footcare FAQ

What can a
Podiatrist do for me?

A fully qualified Podiatrist is a specialist in the treatment of the lower limb and feet. From Shin splints and Hip pain to a simple thing like cutting toenails - A Podiatrist should be your first point of call for issues related to the lower limb. At Podi Footcare, we provide a comprehensive range of treatments ensuring you get a premium Podiatry Service.