From our Mayo podiatry clinic, Podi Footcare offers a full range of bunion treatments and bunion pain management solutions. A bunion is the term used to describe the lumpy bone that forms on the side of a person’s big toe.

Bunions are a slight deformity that is most commandingly found on the side of the big toe although smaller bunions – bunionettes – can also develop on the joint of the little toe.

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Symptoms of a Bunions

  • Hard Lumps on the Feet

One of the main symptoms of a bunion is a hard lump forming on the side of the foot

  • Big Toe Pointing Inward

Another common symptom is the big toe pointing inwards, toward the patient’s other toes.

  • Swollen or Red Skin Over the Lump

A less common symptom is swelling or a redness forming over the lump by the big toe.

  • Pain

Some bunion patients report a pain that runs along the bottom of their feet. This pain is usually exacerbated when wearing shoes or walking.

Bunion Treatments

The treatments and advice our podiatrists may offer a bunion patient include:

  • We may recommend that a bunion patient wear wider or loose-fitting shoes to ease the pressure on the swollen area
  • Insoles, toe supports and toe spaces may be recommended, to help relieve pressure on the affected area
  • In more extreme cases our podiatrists may recommend surgery

Bunions FAQ